Bright 6

Bright 6

Why get new business software? You already have most of what you need.*

With a little help, Office 365 makes a pretty good business software suite for small businesses. Bright 6 is that little help.

* Assuming you have an Office 365 subscription.


Bright 6 – Small Business Tools for Office 365

Bright 6 is a software suite designed for small businesses using Microsoft Office 365. Our key design principle is simplicity, starting from signing up - You just log in with your Office 365 account and you're in!

Bright 6 is built as modules that you can select if you want them. This way you only pay for what you use instead of purchasing a higher subscription level to get what you want, but at the same time, even more that you don't want, but you still pay for it.

It uses Office 365 applications and services do the hard job, the job those applications are designed for, and adds functionality to tie these applications together with your essential business data.

You don’t pay for overlapping functionality, and you even get more out of Office 365 with Bright 6.

The Bright 6 Experience

One of the key design principles of Bright 6 is simplicity. This means that there are loads of solutions available that have more functionality and are more complete than Bright 6, but they are so at the expense of usability. The more features you have, the more bells and whistles you get in your user interface too, and the more you have to spend time learning to use these bells and whistles, and the more you have to train your employees.

We are able to keep things simple by focusing our feature set on small businesses that use Office 365. We don't believe that stuffing a product with more features brings more value. In fact, we believe the opposite - Bright 6 delivers value by providing just the essentials that you need to connect Office 365 features together with your business data. Simple is the new cool!


The modules

Bright 6 is designed as modules, where each module provides a set of tools that help you in your work. This means that you can choose just the modules you need for your business, which keeps the user interface as simple as possible with no functionality or tools that you don't use. It also makes Bright 6 more cost-effective, since you pay only for what you use.

 Naturally, Bright 6 adapts to any screen size.

Naturally, Bright 6 adapts to any screen size.


Customers module


The Customers module is the foundation that all the other modules rely on, directly or indirectly. It gives you the tools you need to keep track of your customer organizations and your contacts. Since customer organizations are stored as companies, you can also store other companies that your business is working with, such as vendors, subcontractors and partners, just to mention a few.

In addition to companies and contacts, you can also store your communications activities with each of your customer contacts, so that you and your team know what you have been discussing. Each communications entry can also be stored with a follow-up date, if required. We'll then then send you a reminder when it is time to get back to that item.


Products module


Manage your list of products and their price information including purchase price, gross margin and unit price. Assign your products to product categories and specify a gross margin for a product category that applies to all products in that category. With pricing information your product catalogue also turns into your price list.

You can naturally create customer specific prices for individual products or give a discount to a particular customer to all products in a selected product category. The price of a product is specified as single, monthly or annual payment.


Proposals module


Create proposals from the products with the pricing details  you have in your product catalogue. Bright 6 will automatically apply any customer specific pricing you may have. Store them as Word documents in Office 365 groups where you can continue to edit them just as any other Word document. If you need to make changes to the products and / or prices, you can do that just as easily as you created the proposal, and update the Word document without overwriting any changes you have done to the document.


Projects module


Manage the projects you are working on and keep track of your active projects by using start and end dates. Select the project members from your contacts. Connect each project to a plan in Office 365 planner where you can manage your project's tasks and manage your project documentation.


Future development roadmap

Below is a few examples of future modules that we have on our development roadmap.

Work tracking module

Keep track of all the work you do for your customers including fixed and time and materials pricing.

Resourcing module

Manage your resources including employees, subcontractors and equipment.

Sales module

Manage your sales budget by keeping track of your estimated sales. Compare sales estimates to actual sales.

Dynamics CRM Online Upgrade tool

There will come a time when Bright 6 does not meet your growing requirements anymore. As much as we are sad to see you go, we have to learn to say goodbye. Instead of packing Bright 6 with more and more features that very few use, we want to keep our product as simple as possible, and make sure that it continues to be the best possible option for small businesses. Businesses that were just like you when you started using Bright 6.

To ease your growing pains, we will introduce our Dynamics CRM Online Upgrade tool that will move all of your data from Bright 6 to Dynamics CRM Online, seamlessly and painlessly. This way you know you are covered, even when your business grows out of "The Nest".

Can't find what you're looking for?

The modules and tools we've listed above are just the beginning. But we won't stop there. We will constantly evaluate new ideas and requests to find out whether we could create a new module for Bright 6. If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know, and we just might include your idea in our development plans.

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Plans & Pricing

Bright 6 plans start from only

5€ / month / user.

The price is based on the modules that you have purchased.

When you sign up, you always get a free month, so you can get hands-on experience before you decide to go with Bright 6.

There is no compulsory long-term commitment involved. You are just committed to the end of the month. If you feel that Bisnest is not for you, you get rid of us quickly. We like to keep our customers because they want to be our customers. Not because they have a contract saying they have to be our customers.