Making signing up as easy as possible

We are constantly trying to find new ways for you to make signing up for Bisnest as easy and as quick as possible. Because that is what Bisnest is all about - Making things as simple as possible and aim for ridiculously simple.

From the beginning we knew that we had to take care of two things. Both of them have now been taken care of and are described below.

Self-service signup

The first thing we wanted to address was that you need to be able to sign up for Bisnest yourself, and get immediate access to Bisnest. Since we have a one-month free trial period in Bisnest, there are plenty of tasks that we can take care of later, and focus on the absolutely necessary things to get you started.

It turns out that we only need your Office 365 account to sign you up, or to determine whether someone else in your organization has signed up already. Nothing more is required.

Thanks to this, you can now get Bisnest up and running for your company in less than 10 seconds. But hey, don't just take our word for it. Try it out yourself right now.

Avoid admin approval

When creating applications that connect to Office 365, there are certain rules that the applications must follow. One of them is the user consent and / or admin consent. What this means is that before you can log on to an application, that application must specify what permissions it needs to your Office 365 data. When you first log on to the application, you need to grant the application all the permissions it requires, or you cannot log in. A pretty technical description of this can be found on the Microsoft Azure documentation site.

Some of these permissions can be granted by any user that has an Office 365 account, and some of them require a global administrator in an Office 365 organization. Of course, if an application requires an administrator to grant the permissions, it will immediately become more difficult for users to start using an application, since they have to involve their "IT guy".

In Bisnest, we originally were requiring permissions that required an administrator to grant. These were mainly related to permissions to connect to your data even when you are not logged on, so that we could take care of things for you while you're away.

We still need these permissions, but we've now split up the permissions into multiple applications that we've registered. This way, to sign up and start using Bisnest, we no longer require permissions that need to be granted by an administrator, but instead, any user with an Office 365 account can sign up for Bisnest, and use the basic features of it. To get the full benefit of all functionality in Bisnest, we still need permissions that need to be granted by an Administrator, but you come a long way without them.


To sum up things, we've made a lot of changes to make it dead simple to sign up for Bisnest and start using it right away. Can you sign up in less than 10 seconds?

Mika Berglund