Pay Only for What You Use

As we wrote on our Slush Recap, we got a tremendous amount of positive feedback at our demo booth at Slush this year. One of the areas in which we got the most positive feedback was our value proposition:

Pay only for what you use

Someone event used the word "trendsetter" when we were talking about how Bisnest is different from most of its competitors. And maybe we are, trendsetters, because the norm now seems to be that when you buy software by monthly subscription, the majority is available only through various subscription levels where each subscription level provides access to a predefined set of functionality.

The Problem with Subscription Levels

Quite frankly, we think that subscription levels are too often used by software vendors that cannot come up with something more innovative. Yes, it is easy to implement and yes it is easy to buy when you only need to select between "bronze", "silver" and "gold" for your entire company instead of customizing the experience for each of your employee. But at the same time, you will have very little freedom to select the exact toolset you want to have for each employee individually. Sure, in large companies it would take too much time to pick every feature for every employee, but why not then allow each customer to build their subscription levels first, and then assign employees or groups of employees to these subscription levels.

And, since we are focusing on small companies, this will not be a problem. We've talked to a lot of small business owners, and they really prefer a more fine grained approach to selecting the toolset for their employees over just a handful of predefined features wrapped up as subscription levels.

Fine-Tuning Our Payment Options

We are now finalizing our payment options, but we will postpone publishing these for a while still. We will postpone the trial period for all our customers currently in trial mode. We want to get this right the first time, and that's why we feel that we need a little bit more time to get things done.

We have our credit card payment features complete, as we wrote in an earlier article, and we are otherwise all set to go for a paid service, but we just want to have a little bit more time to get the payment options right. You will probably not have any objections to using Bisnest for free for a little longer.

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Mika Berglund