There's a new CRM in Town

We have been using Office 365 in various companies ever since it was first released. In fact, we've been using Microsoft's online services even before Office 365. And we love it!

How it all began

Over the years we have many times come across situations where the services in Office 365 are not enough, or using them becomes cumbersome, laborious and error-prone. Until now, we have resolved these problems often by building a solution using custom lists in SharePoint Online, deploying apps from the Office Store, or by purchasing an online tool that is designed for a particular task or a set of tasks.

This has many times brought us to a situation, where we have multiple small applications that can take care of a particular task, but they don't communicate with one another. This in turn forces us to have the same information stored in multiple places which increases our workload. To make matters worse, applications outside of Office 365 many times have their own separate user identities, or at least they don't use the same identities that you use in Office 365, resulting in multiple usernames and passwords that you have to remember, or even worse, write down on post-it notes.

Talking to other small and midsize business owners, we've realized that there are plenty of companies who are, just like us, struggling with similar kinds of problems. This is why we have already for quite a while now been working on the design of an application that would solve many of these problems and that would bring help to as many small and midsize companies as possible, including ourselves.

These discussions and plans turned into a product that we call Bisnest, or "The Nest" for short, which we naturally are using ourselves too!

Why Office 365

Why did we then pick Office 365 as the platform for Bisnest? First of all, Office 365 is, and will be, one of the major cloud offerings in the world that businesses of all sizes will use and base their business on. Secondly, we've been working with Microsoft's products and services since the 90's, so we know our way around them. And finally, we just love Office 365, and since you've read this far, there is a strong possibility that you do too.

So what makes "The Nest" different

When you come out with a product on a market that is already seemingly saturated with strong players, you have to do something differently to stand out from the competition. Here's how Bisnest is different from many of its competitors, big and small.

  • Keep it simple - This is our most important key principle. Most of our competitors try to stuff their products with as much features as possible. We try to do the opposite.
  • Integrate with Office 365 - In fact, we're so tightly integrated with Office 365, that if you are not using Office 365, then you can't have Bisnest either, because you can't even log in. And even if you would be able to log in, it would not make sense to use Bisnest, since a major part of the functionality in does not work without Office 365.
  • Hosting flexibility - The easiest way to use Bisnest is to sign up for our hosted service that we offer. You're up and running in a few clicks. However, you should not be building your business on tools that are "up and running in a few clicks", or at least that should not be the major decision making factor when you select your tools. That's why we also offer Bisnest as a product that you can deploy in your own environment, either Azure on on-premise. We'll provide you with the same updates - You just manage your environment and maintenance yourself. Just like WordPress for instance; You can get your site up and running really fast on, but you can always set up your own instance too, if you like.
  • Focus on small business needs - We are and will be focusing our feature set on small businesses. Businesses that maybe just started, or businesses that are still storing their data in Excel spreadsheets and other kinds of documents stored in various places. When our customers grow and become larger, we will grow with them, but only to a certain point. We don't know yet where that point is, but it is controlled by the first bullet in this list: Keep it simple. If we would have to compromise that to keep a growing customer, then we will have to learn to say goodbye. But even then, we won't leave you hanging. We'll be launching our Dynamics CRM Online Upgrade Tool, that will make it very easy for you to move from Bisnest to Dynamics CRM Online, which is much better suited for larger businesses than Bisnest will ever be, because we focus on small businesses.

Sign up and try for free

To get hands-on experience with "The Nest", you can now for a limited amount of time sign up to use it completely free of charge during our beta programme. After the initial release, we'll throw in a month of free use to give you more than enough time to decide whether you want to continue with us.

Mika Berglund