How we publish new features

Bisnest is built as modules, where each module delivers a set of tools that help you with a particular task or a set of tasks. We chose this approach for the following main reasons.

  • You pick and choose only the modules you need, and you only pay for the modules you've selected. The user interface also adapts to this so that you don't have stuff in your user interface that you don't use.
  • Instead of publishing new versions of Bisnest, we publish new modules and updates to existing modules. Modules are just like tightly integrated subsystems inside of "The Nest".

In this post I'll focus a bit more on the second bullet and explain a bit more in detail how we think of our development work and how we are going to deliver new and improved functionality.

The lifecycle of a module


When we initially start working on a module, we will usually publish a brief description of the module and what functionality it delivers. You are naturally welcome to comment on our plans, and we're happy to adjust if there is a greater demand for changes or added functionality.

Preview mode

When we start actually working on the module, we try to keep our development cycles as short as possible and release a preview version of the module as early as possible. When a module is published as a preview version, you can use it free of charge for as long as it is in preview mode. Naturally, those customers who are on their free-of-charge initial month, can also use preview modules free of charge. A preview module is not feature-complete and the features included might not work as expected.

Initial release

When a module is feature-complete and we have properly tested it to ensure that it works as specified in the module's feature description, we will publish the module. At this point, customers who have been using it in preview mode may continue to use it for the price of the module. If a customer does not wish to use a module after initial publishing, it can be deactivated, and no extra charges will be applied. Don't worry, you won't be automatically charged for a module that you've used in preview. We will require a confirmation to start using a published module before we'll start charging you.

Constant improvement

After the initial release, we will naturally not forget about the module. We are constantly welcoming feedback on how you find our features, and when we find areas that require improvement, we will publish improvements to existing modules along with new or updated preview modules. So you will see Bisnest continuously improving over time, because as long as we have customers, we will improve on our product. That is our promise to you!

Mika Berglund