What makes Bisnest different

Over the years, we've been looking to find tools to help with daily tasks that you normally face in small businesses. Of course there is a vast selection of tools on the market, both free and paid tool, and tools that you install in your own environment as well as tools offered as a service.

However, the vast majority of these applications tend to fail with the following shortcomings:

  1. Each application is designed to take care of one particular, often very narrow, task or set of tasks without any connection to other similar tools, leaving you with isolated islands that contain partially duplicate data that you need to manually keep in sync. This is very time consuming and error prone.
  2. The applications often try to provide as much features as possible, often partly overlapping with features in the same application, which makes using the applications unnecessarily complicated.

Companies, even small companies, demand more from business software nowadays. It cannot be just isolated islands stitched together with a myriad of different integration applications and services that exist only because of problem #1 in the list above.

That's why we just had to start developing Bisnest, and take a different approach to making business software for small businesses. The first seeds of Bisnest were planted.

Key areas where Bisnest stands out

The list below outlines the areas we focus on, and what makes us different from our competitors.

  • Less is more -  Simplicity is our most important guiding principle. While our competitors compete with each other by stuffing their products with as many features as possible, often overlapping or completely pointless, we try to do the exact opposite.
  • Pleasurable -  We want you to love the tools you work with, simply because then you want to use them more. And the more you use them, the more your business benefits from them.
  • Made for small businesses - We are totally focusing on the needs of small businesses, because there are lots of options for big players, but they are far from the reality that you live in small businesses.
  • Built for Office 365 - Bisnest is from the ground up built for Microsoft Office 365. You can't even log in to Bisnest without Office 365. The reason is simple; Office 365 offers lots of useful functionality that you already pay for, and that we simply tap into. No need to redesign the wheel. Many of our customers think about Bisnest as a portal to Office 365 and to drill down to pieces of data that is stored either in Bisnest or in Office 365.
  • Modular set of tools - You always start with Bisnest CRM. That is the foundation of Bisnest. Instead of different subscription levels, we have modules that offer certain functionality. You can pretty freely pick the modules you need for your business. And you pay only for what you use. 

Try for yourself

Of course you don't have to take our word for it. We encourage you to try for yourself, and then make up your mind. When signing up, you get a free month trial with no functionality restrictions to help you evaluate Bisnest. Sign up now!

Mika Berglund