Unifying Bisnest with Office 365

The next time you log on to Bisnest, you may notice a different theme colour and a different logo. This is just the first step towards making Bisnest look and feel more like a modern Office 365 application.

"Microsoft is streamlining the user experience across Windows and Office 365 applications. The foundation for this is the Microsoft Design Language, which provides guidelines related to usability and visual appearance of software applications. Bisnest will be changed to follow this language more in order to make Bisnest consistent with the rest of the Office 365 family. To celebrate this change, you will from now on recognize Bisnest from the new colour and the feather logo." - Jukka Tiainen, Design Director, Chosense Inc.

This change will not happen over night. In every new release we will publish something towards our main goal - To make Bisnest feel like its native Office 365.

Mika Berglund