Hoks Oy switches from Salesforce to Bisnest

Hoks is a content agency that specializes in learning and training, including face-to-face and virtual e-learning sessions. They were among the first companies to join our beta programme, and have been evaluating Bisnest ever since. They have also given us valuable feedback on how to design and develop Bisnest to be as simple and effective as possible.

In august 2016 they made the decision to completely move away from Salesforce, which they previously used, and start using Bisnest to help them run their day-to-day tasks.

"Bisnest is very simple to use, and it fits our needs perfectly. There's practically no learning curve, because everything is right where you expect it to be. We really love the modularity, which allows us to pick just the functionality that we want, and not pay for loads of stuff that we don't need. We've been waiting for something like Bisnest for a long time." - Reeta Tammisto, CEO, Hoks Oy

Hoks is starting out with the basic features in Bisnest that come with the Customers module, i.e. company and contact management, activity tracking for contacts and the sales pipeline. They are also going to expand their Bisnest use with additional modules as they get published.

"Now that we've started using Bisnest for real, we're eagerly waiting for the guys at Chosense to come out with additional modules, so that we can replace more of our existing tools with Bisnest", says Reeta Tammisto.

Additional information:

Mika Berglund, Managing Director, Chosense Inc, phone: +358 50 570 6237

Reeta Tammisto, CEO, Hoks Oy, phone: +358 50 583 7890

Mika Berglund