Beta programme is closed

Starting from the beginning of September 2016, we have closed our beta programme, and have not accepted new participants anymore. This is because we feel confident that we have what it takes to make Bisnest publicly available. Our paid service will begin from the beginning of October 2016.

All beta participants will have free of charge use until the end of Semptember. And remember, all new subscriptions will still get one month free to start with also in the future. There is no change to that, and we don't have any plans on dropping the free month in the future either.

Sign Up Process

Our sign-up process is not yet as smooth as we would like, but we're improving on that. In a near future you'll be able to sign up completely by yourself, which you will be able to complete in less than half a minute. For now we'll have to stick with some manual processing still.


To handle the money side of the service, we plan to integrate with PayPal, that also supports monthly subscriptions. PayPal is probably the most known payment service on the Internet and gives you wide range of payment options. For us PayPal saves time, since we only need to integrate with one system.

Sign Up Now

So, if you are a small business that is using Microsoft Office 365, sign up now and start enjoying your free month immediately!

Mika Berglund