Press Release: Bisnest Extends Office 365 with Business Tools Designed for Small Companies

Customers welcome the modular way of purchasing Bisnest, which is at the core of one of Bisnest's value propositions: "Pay only for what you use."

HELSINKI –– Chosense Inc. announced the first public launch of Bisnest – a software suite available as a service for small companies using Microsoft Office 365.

Instead of focusing on in-depth functionality with a narrow scope, Bisnest focuses on the broader needs of small businesses, which often complement Office 365  with tools and applications from various sources. These tools have their own logic and data stores, and soon they create multiple isolated silos that usually do not integrate with similar tools. This forces users to jump between applications and hinders productivity. To make matters worse, the same data often must be manually copied from application to application because of the lack of integration. Bisnest takes a different approach, packing the functionality typically needed in small companies into a unified software suite and allowing customers to purchase only the features they want – even for individual employees if necessary.

"Bisnest is very simple to use, and it fits our needs perfectly. There's practically no learning curve, because everything is right where you expect it to be. We really love the modularity, which allows us to pick just the functionality that we want, and not pay for loads of stuff that we don't need," said Reeta Tammisto, CEO, Hoks Oy. "We've been waiting for something like Bisnest for a long time."

Bisnest makes the most of its customers' investments in Office 365 and Microsoft Azure because it is built using Office 365 as its platform and Azure as its hosting environment. For instance, you can't log in to Bisnest without an Office 365 subscription. Bisnest taps in to existing features in Office 365 instead of rebuilding them, and Azure delivers a robust and scalable environment that will grow with Bisnest as its customer base increases.

Bisnest is a constantly evolving software suite that will provide more features typically needed in small companies. Currently, Bisnest provides published or preview versions of the following features:

  • Customer communications
  • Timesheet management
  • Product registry
  • Price lists
  • Sales pipeline
  • Proposal generation

Bisnest will also provide different integration points to Microsoft Teams, which currently is in public preview . Microsoft Teams will revolutionize the way teams work in Office 365, and Bisnest will intuitively work with the tools and features in Office 365.

"It’s great to see the launch of the Bisnest software suite," said Jarkko Lainio, SMB lead, Microsoft Finland. "Office 365, with added-value services like Bisnest, is a full productivity platform for every small business.

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Mika Berglund