Tool Preview - Hours

It's been quiet for a while on our blog, but that does not mean that we haven't been busy working on Bisnest. On the contrary! For instance, as we already wrote last year, we've been gradually working on unifying Bisnest with Office 365, which has included a lot of work under the hood, but now you will start seeing more of these improvements surface in Bisnest. We'll write more on these improvements in a separate blog post later. Today we have also published the first preview of our next tool in the Bisnest toolset: Hours

What is Hours for?

Hours is a tool that is designed for want to provide a super easy tool for their employees to report their working hours with, and given managers a quick overview of the hours. You might want to use this information as a basis for employees' salaries, or maybe you are selling your time to your customers and charge them by the hours, or maybe you want to have employees report their hours for some other purpose.

The bottom line is that the harder it is for your employees to report their hours, the further they will postpone the reporting, the more they will forget what they actually were doing, the longer will it take for them to report their hours because they have to try to figure out the tasks they were working on, the more misreported hours you will get, and the more money you may be losing. Not good!

Hours and Hours Manager

The Hours tool actually comes with two tools that are designed for different types of employees. One employee can use either of these tools, or both. These are described more in detail below.


The Hours tool is for employees who need to report their working hours, often on a regular basis. Typically, this includes employees who bill their work by the hour, or by employees whose salary is based on their working hours. It makes it super easy for employees to report their hours anywhere and anytime with just their mobile phone, a tablet or laptop, and gives them a quick overview of their working hours as easy to read charts. This ensures that hours are promptly and accurately reported, since it is so quick and easy. Users with just the Hours tool have access only to their own hour entries.

Hours Manager

The Hours Manager tool is for employees who need to manage hour entries for employees that use the Hours tool. Managers can lock selected hour entries preventing employees from modifying them, for instance if hour reports are used for billing or as basis for salary. Managers can also remove hour entries. The tool gives managers real-time access to hour reports that can be grouped by company, project and task and provides easy access to the working hour balance in their company. An employee using both Hours Manager and Hours tools can create and edit hour entries also on behalf of other employees, as long as they are listed as users in Bisnest.

Preview Release

The Hours tool is still in preview, but you can go ahead and try it out. If you aren't using Bisnest already, now is a good time to sign up. It's completely free of charge, and you don't even need a credit card until you decide to go with our paid service.

Meanwhile, we will start working with our existing customers to polish the tool to make it as easy and useful as possible. You can expect to see the paid version of the tool in the coming weeks.

And remember, the preview version of Hours will not automatically transition to the paid service, so you can go ahead and try it out without having to worry about unintentionally paying for more tools than you had planned for.

Mika Berglund