Hours is Here!


Our next tool, Bisnest Hours, is now complete and will be published for you to use in the coming days. We would like to thank all our customers who helped us shape the tool and we hope that you find it useful. There were some requests that we were not able to include in this release. We will keep up a dialog with our customers about these request and work on them to get them included in the product in the future.

Two Tools

In short, Bisnest Hours provide tools for companies that want to enable hour reporting for their employees. Bisnest Hours is actually made up of two tools: Hours, and Hours Manager. These tools are designed for different kinds of employees with different kinds of needs related to hour reporting.


This tool is for employees who need to report their working hours on a regular basis. Typically, this is used by employees who bill their work by the hour, or by employees whose salary is based on their working hours. It makes it super easy for employees to report their hours anywhere and anytime with just their mobile phone and gives them a quick overview of their working hours. This ensures that hours are promptly reported, since it is so quick and easy.

Hours Manager

This tool is for employees who need to manage hour entries for employees that use the Hours tool. Managers can lock selected hour entries preventing employees from modifying them, for instance if hour reports are used for billing or as basis for salary. Managers can also remove hour entries, and create and edit hour entries on behalf of other users. Gives managers real-time access to hour reports that can be grouped by company, project and task and provides easy access to the working hour balance in their company.

The Hours Manager tool allows the user to do everything that the Hours tools does too, so you don't need both. Just either Hours, or Hours Manager.


As with all our tools, the Hours and Hours Manager tools are priced with a per user per month price as shown below.

  • Hours: 1,99 EUR / user / month
  • Hours Manager: 2,99 EUR / user / month

Prices are excluding value added tax.

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So, why don't you sign up for a free trial today and try these tools out. Remember, when you sign up, you always get a free one-month trial period, during which you can try all our tools free of charge. You don't even need your credit card until you decide to go for a paid service, so it's completely risk free.

Mika Berglund