Improving User and Tools Administration

It's been quiet on the blog for a while, but not in our development work. We'll write more about what's been cooking in coming blog posts, but here's something that we've also been working on.

Improving User Administration

In the coming days we'll publish the improved user administration in Bisnest. If you are a company admin in Bisnest, you will be able to access the administration page by selecting Administration / Users and tools from the main menu.

The biggest difference is the panel that opens when you select a user from the list or add a new one. On that panel, you can very easily select the tools you want the user to be able to use, save the user, and move on to the next one.

The panel shows you which tools have a price associated with them, and which tools are still in preview. Please feel free to try our preview tools as much as you want. Remember, that when we eventually publish a tool that has been published as a preview tool, your preview tools will not automatically transfer to a paid service. The preview tools you've selected will simply expire, and if you want to continue using the tools, you can select the paid tools for the users you want.

One Month Free of Charge

When you sign up for Bisnest, you always get a one-month trial period during which you can freely try out all tools in Bisnest. Also the paid ones. At any time during your trial period, when you've decided to go for the paid service, you can do a checkout, and all the paid tools you've selected will be converted to paid a service. Your monthly cost is always up-to-date on top of the user administration page, also during your trial, so you know what it will cost for you.

Sign up for Bisnest today to get your free one-month trial. You don't even need a credit card until you decide to purchase Bisnest.

Making Changes to Selected Tools

After you've purchased the tools you've selected, you can at any time make changes to the tools for your existing users, add new users and assign tools to them, or delete existing users. When you make such a change, you will get a notification that tells you that the changes need to be purchased before they can be used. Then you just simply go through the checkout process again, and you're all set!

All Bisnest Tools are sold on a monthly subscription, but you can also make changes in the middle of a billing period. If your changes result in a lower monthly bill, the difference will be prorated in your next bill. Now that's flexible, isn't it?

Tutorial: Working With Users and Tools

We've also updated our user administration tutorial to match these changes. Have a look at the tutorial by clicking the button below.

Mika Berglund