Introducing Bright 6


Today we're announcing the new name for our product "Bisnest". In the future, the name will be Bright 6. "Bisnest" was such a great name after all, and to be completely honest, we broke some of our "product naming rules" that we blogged about over a year ago.

You will start seeing Bisnest change to Bright 6 in the near future. Please note that the change does not require any actions from you, except for updating your bookmarks, maybe. However, all your bookmarks to the old application will still work for many months to come. All your data will still be there on the new Bright 6 portal too.

The Story Behind the Name Bright 6

As we also wrote on our blog about naming products, a good name needs to have a story behind it. So does Bright 6.

The word "Bright" is a synonym for many of the adjectives that we want our product to be associated with, namely intelligent, clever, brilliant and sharp. The appearance of our product is represented by the synonyms: clear, polished, vivid, fresh, airy and light.

Bright 6 helps you use Office 365 in a more intelligent and clever way with a light, clear and polished user interface.

"Bright" can also be shortened from "be right", which is what we want to help you to achieve - to base your decisions on facts instead of guessing around, in other words, being right.

The number 6 comes from the hexagonal shape of honeycombs representing the modularity of Bright 6. Also, when adding more honeycombs they easily share walls with at least two already existing hexagons. This describes the way we think about modules in Bright 6; they very often use functionality in other modules, and new modules in turn provide new functionality to existing modules.

When filling an area with cells, shaping them as hexagons will conserve resources, since the combined perimeter is the smallest when the cells are shaped as hexagons. Bright 6 also conserves resources by leveraging all of the functionality in Office 365 and building anything that is already available. This in turn helps us keep the prince of the Bright 6 tools down at a very affordable level.

If you haven't tried Bright 6 yet, sign up for a trial and try for yourself.

Mika Berglund